Priorities for Debdale

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Last updated: 22/04/2017

What: There have been reports that youths have been causing anti-social behavior at McDonalds in the evenings.

Where: McDonalds, Wall Way in Debdale

When: This is occurring most evening nights, generally after 6:00PM.

Update: Local Officers have taken note of what has been taking place. Police are continually working with staff at McDonalds to identify the suspects. CCTV has been seized and this will be passed onto the correct authorities. Regular patrols to continue in and around the McDonald's area.

Last updated: 14/09/2017

What: Antisocial Behaviour/ damage

Where: Debdale Park, Eco Centre

When: Most evenings, mainly Friday through until Sunday

Update: Regular police and park staff patrols have been taken place to deter the youths. Leaflets are being posted around the area asking for the public help identify the youths responsible for the damages.

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