Priorities for Didsbury West

Below is a full list of priorities for your community:

Last updated: 27/04/2017

What: Burglary Dwelling

Where: Various locations across the ward

When: Daily in the early hours of the morning.

Update: Increased patrolling. Known offenders are being targeted. Homes are being visited in the area and crime prevention advice given to residents regarding home security and storing valuables/jewellery in secure locations.

Last updated: 16/02/2017

What: Theft of Motor Vehicles and Theft from Motor Vehicles

Where: Various locations across the ward

When: Evening and overnight. Peak times 6 pm to 8 pm.

Update: Reduce offending and increase prevention activity.
Last updated: 13/10/2017

What: Antisocial Behaviour

Where: Across the ward

When: Evenings between 6pm and 1 am

Update: Staff continue to tackle antisocial behaviour. Please ring 101 and report any on-going issues.

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