Inspectors - Woodhouse Park

Phil McDonald / Tracy Mortimer

Inspector Phil McDonald Inspector Tracy Mortimer
Hello and welcome,

I would like to introduce myself as one of the two Neighbourhood Policing Inspectors for Wythenshawe. I have been a police officer for over 20 years, much of my service having been worked in the Wythenshawe area and I have a good policing knowledge and understanding of the area and its residents.

Wythenshawe Neighbourhood Policing Team has policing responsibility for Brooklands, Baguley, Northenden, Sharston, Woodhouse Park and Benchill. We have very strong partnership links with local social housing providers, Manchester council and the voluntary sector. This partnership would not work without the cooperation of local people living and working in Wythenshawe.

We are working hard to ensure that the front end service for our communities is our priority and not affected by the wider debate around continuing changes to public provision. This can be supported by you as a user of our services, in only calling when there is a need to call, or at least, by calling the correct agency.

Our policing team is keen on getting it right first time, and we welcome feedback from situations when we do, and when we don't.

An ongoing focus for the Wythenshawe Neighbourhood Team is Project Lock. This is a coordinated approach with Op Challenger, targeting organised crime in Wythenshawe so as to make it a safer place to live, work and visit. As well as traditional visible policing, we are active in acting on information gained from the community, in targeting drug supply and other serious offending. In the last couple of months, several successful search warrants have been carried out at local addresses which have resulted in the seizure of over £500,000 worth of illegal drugs and firearms ammunition

In the run up to Autumn and Winter, Wythenshawe Policing Team is involved in several local policing initiatives which are intended to provide a continued policing presence in the area and to reassure the Community.

We have recently carried out a day of action for wanted persons in the Wythenshawe area. This led to the arrest of several individuals wanted for domestic abuse offences against vulnerable people. Presently, our PCSO's are out and about in the community, speaking to people and delivering local surgeries in respect of Operation Rogue Trader. This targets doorstep distraction burglary offences and those "dodgy tradesmen" who approach the vulnerable trying to sell unnecessary or vastly over-priced shoddy work. We hope to have reached a large number of local people by the end of the week, but if you know a neighbour you feel could benefit from our help, please let us know.

As the days and nights turn colder and the festivities around Halloween & Bonfire Night fast approach, Wythenshawe Policing Team will also be conducting Operation Treacle and our annual Dark Nights campaign in partnership with agencies from Manchester City Council.

Treacle is all about our officers being visible and providing reassurance to local people and dealing with those who use the festivities to negatively affect or harm the lives of others. We do not want to stop people having fun, but we do wish to deal with those who misuse "Trick or Treating" and use of fireworks to harm and frighten others. Please look out for your elderly neighbours and let us know if you see this happening.

Dark Nights sees our officers speaking to previous victims of burglary and assist in offering further crime prevention advice and support to try to make sure that they do not become victims again. Our PCSO's will be out and about visiting people over the next few weeks, so again, if you know of someone who might benefit from our support and help, please let us know via one of the usual means of contact with ourselves.

We host regular meetings across the area for communities to come together and give your opinion and ideas of how to make our area a safer place. Please do take time to see if you can attend one as your view is important. Details are on the Wythenshawe section of the GMP website.

Thank you for your continued support from all at the Wythenshawe Policing Team.
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