Inspector - Chadderton North

Mohammed Anwar

Inspector Mohammed Anwar

My name is Inspector Bash Anwar and I am now heading up the Neighbourhood Policing Team.

The move is part of a new borough-wide focus on neighbourhood policing with a dedicated inspector leading each team. What this means for the public is that every day your area will be policed by staff with geographic responsibility and therefore ownership. They will get to know their communities, and the communities will get to know them. They will not only be involved in responding to daily business but will also be actively engaged in developing solutions to longer term issues.

We will continue working hard to tackle crime and antisocial behaviour and we will work together with other agencies and our partners to secure your trust and confidence. We will encourage the public to tell us their views on how well we are doing and to identify what is important to them.

I welcome you to come along to the surgery for your local area which is listed on the website with any issues you may want to discuss, or you can stop and chat to one of the team when we’re out on patrol in your community.

I have been an officer with GMP for 16 years, having previously served mainly in frontline policing in Rochdale, Ashton and Force Headquarters.

I will listen closely to those issues which affect our communities and I really want to make a difference to people’s lives, making Chadderton an even better place to live.

I look forward to working with you all.

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