Inspector - Hollinwood

Stewart Wilson

Inspector Stewart Wilson

Hello my name is Stewart Wilson.

I am the new Inspector with responsibility for the Neighbourhood Policing Team for the Failsworth, Hollinwood and Limeside areas.

It is 30 years since I last lived and worked in Oldham. I was a shop manager in the Spindle’s Shopping Centre and lived for a time in the Chadderton area. I met some great people and really felt at home in the area.

I have been in Greater Manchester Police for 28 years and have worked in many challenging and different roles. These have taken me from Salford to Bolton onto Bury and then here to Oldham. Although I am nearer the end of my service to the people of Greater Manchester than the beginning I am still driven to make the communities I serve a safe place for all who live here.

The demands on the Police have changed dramatically over my years in service as has the diversity of the communities I serve. I understand the importance of listening to the individual needs of those I serve and to finding the best solutions to answer problems for the long term.

With recent cuts driven by austerity the way we Police has to be more efficient and equally effective in reducing demand. This enables us to focus on the more vulnerable members of our communities who need a greater level of time and care. It also allows us to spend more time working within the community, meeting and communicating with residents directly. In order to drive this Greater Manchester Police has introduced the Target Operating Model (T.O.M).

An important part of the T.O.M is Place based working. Further details of this can be found on the internet however the following extract outlines the principles behind it.

We are committed to developing place-based working. This means having police officers and staff working alongside other agencies like social services, health workers etc. They will share information and resources to tackle the issues that matter to the local area. It will mean we can work together to identify the root causes of problems in communities and find solutions.

This is already happening at Limehurst and Hollinwood driven by Regenda Homes as part of the long term people and place based regeneration. I fully support this way of working as a joined up team with a wider range of options and better access to important services.

We all need to play our part in making these changes work and this incorporates the citizen contract part of the T.O.M. Without the open and honest conversations between the Police, our partners and the community the job of keeping people safe would become much harder. We already receive great support from our local communities and it is very important that this is maintained and built on.

I am here to listen and help alongside the rest of my team.

Alternately if you would like to remain anonymous, then please contact Crime Stoppers on 0800 555 111, and make us aware of your concerns or submit your information online, safely and securely at

Like many of you I am looking forward to a happy and peaceful Christmas period spent with our families. With this in mind please make sure you keep your homes secure and keep safe when out on these darker nights. Consider lighting timers in your homes and walk in well-lit areas, keeping to main paths and thorough fares. All these measures help to deter thieves.

Thank you.




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