Priorities for North Middleton

Below is a full list of priorities for your community:

Last updated: 06/03/2018

What: Vehicles (mainly vans) causing obstruction, blocking vehicles from passing. Vehicles parking in restricted zones outside Boarshaw County Primary School.

Where: Norman Street And Stanycliffe Lane, Boarshaw, Middleton

When: All Days and All Times

Update: Passing attention and when possible identify the offending vehicle(s) and speak with the owner/keeper to verbally advise them. Traffic PCSOs to be utilised. School to send letters to parents. Where necessary Fixed Penalty Notices to be issued.

Last updated: 06/03/2018

What: Quad bikes and motorbikes being ridden erratically around the Boarshaw area.

Where: Throughout the Boarshaw area.

When: All days & times and increasing on Saturdays & Sundays.

Update: Officers to gather evidence/intelligence to identify offenders and offences and consider Sect 59 warnings. GMP Safer Roads Targeting Team to be informed.
Last updated: 06/03/2018

What: Youths causing annoyance congregating at the entrance road to the croft, leaving litter etc. On-going issues in the Boarshaw area.

Where: Valley Road, Boarshaw

When: All times, every day.

Update: Passing attention to identify those involved and advice given. Youth Attachment Work, Early Break to be arranged and increased patraols.

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