Inspector - North Middleton

Neal Killen

Inspector Neal Killen
My name is Inspector Neal Killen and the area my team are responsible for is the Middleton East area.

I am proud of my officers and recognise that they are key to delivering the quality service that the public expects from the police. I have a real passion for ensuring that my team works effectively to tackle crime/ antisocial behaviour in the area, whilst also bringing offenders to justice. I am also enthusiastic about working alongside partners to jointly tackle issues that affect the local community.

The qualities I expect from my officers include;

•Leading by example, through our ethics and values we will demonstrate our commitment to making a positive difference to the lives of others
•Striving to be accessible, engaging with communities to create trust, confidence and advocacy
•Seeking to identify and support the most vulnerable within our community, working to manage or eliminate the risk of harm posed

I hope you will feel reassured that my team and I will be working hard to strive to deliver effective policing that will secure your confidence. However your support is also vital. If you have any matters you wish to talk to us about or if you have any information or intelligence that can assist us with our investigations, then please get in touch using the details that can be found on these webpages.
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