Priorities for South Middleton

Below is a full list of priorities for your community:

Last updated: 06/02/2018

What: Antisocial behaviour

Where: Care Home - Meadow Road

When: Various times of day and night - most days

Update: Police to speak with staff at the Care Home. Residents to email Rochdale Council with their concerns/ issues which will be forwarded to Ofsted

Last updated: 06/02/2018

What: Drug dealing

Where: Kingsway, Alkrington, Middleton

When: All times of day - regular occurrence

Update: Hi-Viz patrols to monitor and pro-actively identify and prosecute any identified offenders.
Last updated: 06/02/2018

What: Parking Issues - Inconsiderate Parking On Pavements

Where: Outside Alkrington County Primary School, Manor Road, Alkrington, Middleton

When: Daily Monday to Friday During School Drop Off and Pick Up Times, Mornings and Afternoons.

Update: NBO & PCSO's liaising with Local Council Highways Department to discuss extending the area of current parking restrictions. PCSO's to liaise with the School to set up a Pupil Interaction Day.

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