Inspector - South Middleton

Kris Williams

Inspector Kris Williams

Welcome to the Middleton West Policing Team web pages, my name is Inspector Kris Williams and I am pleased to be appointed as your Neighbourhood Inspector for the area. Over the last twelve months I have been pleased with the progress the team has made in returning to Neighbourhood policing and focusing on what matters to you. Whilst the force has suffered a reduction in the number of officers we have at our disposal, we have still been able to target problems as they emerge.

The team have worked hard to tackle burglaries across Middleton and have achieved some positive results with a number of custodial sentences given at court, this has been as a result of dedication and commitment with officers and PCSOs changing shifts and working deep into the night to identify and apprehend the offenders. Our sergeant for the area has forged links with other divisions within Greater Manchester Police and keeps up to date with any criminals that are likely to be active in our Neighbourhood, he also leads the team out on the ground and is responsible for many of our policing initiatives such as the “Lock it, Light it or Lose it” campaign during the winter months.

With the increasing demand on staff we have been keen to link up with other agencies to ensure that the right people are on hand to deal with vulnerable people, we hope to see progress made in the area of mental health over the coming months.

With the closure of the public enquiry counter at Middleton Police Station we are also looking at other ways to make ourselves available to community members and hope to see some of our officers visiting community centres.

The team are also assisting our Middleton East colleagues with problems with Anti-Social Behaviour in the town centre with the aim of making it a place that people can feel safe visiting. This work will no doubt continue through the summer months but to date we have been able to identify a number of those responsible and will continue to target them.

Over the next twelve months and beyond we will strive to tackle criminality, protect the most vulnerable members of our community and target Anti-Social Behaviour.

As well as bringing offenders to justice and reducing crime, we also want you to feel safe and confident in your area. If you need to contact us, please do so on the numbers provided on these web pages. Remember your local Neighbourhood Policing Teams are here to work with you and to jointly solve problems within your area. Please work with us, and provide us with as much information and help us to help you. With this information we can work together to make Middleton a safer place to live, work and visit.

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