Inspector - Heatons

Stephen Gilbertson

Inspector Stephen GilbertsonWelcome to the Local Policing Team site for The Heatons

I am Steve Gilbertson, I have recently taken up the post of police Inspector for The Heatons. I have 28yrs policing experience across Greater Manchester and have worked in Stockport for the last seven years.
I am looking forward to joining an experienced team who have worked the area for a number of years, and with our partners from the public and private sector, am sure will build on the good work already in place to make The Heatons a safe place to live.
My first piece of advice as we move from Summer into Autumn and with the darker nights (when the clocks go back at the end of October) is to invest in a couple of light timers and install them to come on when you are out of the house in the early evening.
Many people tend to use them when they go on holiday but in my opinion they should be used as much as possible to give the impression that someone is at home.
In my experience an unlit house gives the impression that no one is at home and is likely to be an inviting target to a burglar. Please don’t let it be you.
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