Vehicle Security Safety

Car keys

  • Many cars are difficult to steal without the keys. Criminals now break-in to houses to obtain them. They do this by:
  • Fishing through a letterbox to get keys off a table or stairs
  • Reaching through a cat-flap
  • Forcing or smashing a window or door to grab keys on view
  • On rare occasions - especially where the vehicle is particularly valuable - threatening the resident for the keys
  • It's simple: put your keys somewhere safe and out of sight.

Vehicle Security

  • Thieves often spot an opportunity and this is where most vehicle crime is committed. For example when you leave something attractive to a passing criminal like some lose change, a bag, phone or sat nav. Watch this for info and advice on Vehicle Crime and Security
  • Greater Manchester Police have produced a series of ‘60 Second Security’ videos on simple security advice. They provide easy step-by-step tips, including advice on products and how to install and use them, helping to make you and your property that little bit safer 

Car Crime

  • Car crime is often thought to be committed by sophisticated high-tech criminals. In reality, most vehicle crimes are opportunistic. This means that car crime is reasonably easy to prevent. Simple measures drastically reduce the chances of having your vehicle targeted by thieves.

You can find more information on car security here: 

Caravan Crime

  • The theft of a caravan can be very immensely disruptive as well as upsetting. If it were to be stolen whilst in use, then not only would your holiday be ruined, but unisured personal items may be taken as well and the effects of crime can be multiplied. A caravan can be protected for very little cost.

You can find information on caravan security here:

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