Miscellaneous FOI disclosures


"If Asked" Press Releases Statements 2013 (pdf) Sex Worker Arrests 2013 (pdf) Chester House Land and Car Parks 2013 (pdf) Found property for Bury and Bolton 2012 (pdf) Extradition costs to the force 2013 (pdf) Community Safety Accreditation Scheme 2013 (pdf) Football Banning Orders 2013 (pdf) Do GMP disclose information to Parking Companies on the South Manchester Division? 2013 (pdf) Use of Social Media Guidelines (Jan 13 (pdf) Lost and stolen property 2013 (pdf) Prisoners Custody (Jan 13) (pdf) Community Safety Accreditation Scheme 2013 (pdf) Retention Guidelines 2013 (pdf) Iran Aid 2013 (pdf) Number of Cells and CCTV in Certain Police Stations 2013 (pdf) Make Model Year & Spend on Police Vehicles 2012 (pdf) Number & Value of Police Vehicles 2012 (pdf) Police Vehicle by Type & Costs 2013 (pdf) GMP Property Stolen 2008-2012 (pdf) GMP Dogs and Horses Put Down since 2008 (2012) (pdf) Individuals Withdrawing Consent to be Policed by GMP 2013 (pdf) Strip Search Refusal & Statistics 2001-2012 (pdf) GMP Legal Status 2013 (pdf) Email Addresses for PSB Staff (s14 Vexatious Refusal) 2014 (pdf) Number of dogs destroyed in last 3 years 2014 (pdf) GMP Vehicles Used as Ambulance - Ambulance Response Times 2014 (pdf) RIPA Applications re Journalists 2014 (pdf) Use of Physics by GMP 2014 (pdf) Common Purpose Expenditure and Training 2014 (pdf) Individuals Aged 17 and under Remanded in Custody 2014 (pdf) Social Media request 2014 (pdf) Number of under 18s reported missing in last 6 years (response letter) 2014 (pdf) Hacking of GMP Website Social Media or IT Systems 2014 (pdf)
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