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How to disguise your visit to this website

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How to prevent your abusers from knowing you have accessed this information:

You may be worried that someone could find out that you have visited these web pages. If so, please read the below as it explains the steps you can take to increase your safety when using the internet.

It is important to note that the safest way to search for information on the Internet is to do it away from home. This could be at a local library, a trusted friend's house or your place of work.

History/Cache file:

It is possible that someone can find out which websites you have visited simply by looking at your computer's history or cache file, which are automatically saved web pages and graphics. However, you can prevent this from happening by clearing your history and emptying your cache file. The following information will explain how to do this.

Internet Explorer:

  • Click on the Tools menu (in the row at the top of the browser).
  • Select Internet Options from the drop down menu. You should now be on a tab that says 'General' - if not, select 'General'. Under the title, 'Temporary Internet Files'
  • click on 'Delete Files'. You can also check the box that says delete all offline content.
  • Then, under 'History' click on 'Clear History.'
  • Then click OK, at the bottom.

Prevent your abuser accessing your emails:

Your abuser may have access to your email account and if so, they will be able to view your incoming and outgoing mail. To make sure your account is secure and prevent your abuser viewing your emails, set up an email account with a password that your abuser will not be able to guess.

If your abuser knows your email address and sends you threatening or harassing email messages, please do not simply delete them, they can be printed and saved as evidence of abuse.

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