Manchester's Most Wanted

Anton Bradley

Anton Lamont Bradley has failed to appear at court for dangerous driving, drugs and assault charges

23 Apr 2018

Marcus Partyka

Marcus Partyka, also known as Marcus Whitby, is wanted on recall to prison

20 Apr 2018

Priscilla Collins

Search for wanted woman from North Manchester

17 Apr 2018

Stephen Warburton

Wanted man from Atherton

17 Apr 2018

Fabian Wilks

Police are seeking the public’s help to find wanted Fabian Wilks from Old Trafford

17 Apr 2018

Justin Phelan

Justin Phelan (05/06/1981) of Littleton Road, Salford was released from prison in November 2017 after being sentenced to nine months for battery and breaching restraining orders. 

17 Apr 2018

Angela Loughton

Wanted woman from Moston

29 Mar 2018

Bradley Ward

£10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Bradley Ward

7 Feb 2018

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