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Counter Terrorism

GMP Counter Terrorism Unit

Greater Manchester Police now has a Counter Terrorism Unit to tackle the terrorist threat locally and assist in tackling the threat across the region and nationally.

The GMP Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU) was established in April 2007 to tackle the terrorist threat within the North West Region. The GMP CTU is one of four units that have been developed in England and Wales to create a national counter terrorism infrastructure.

Officers and staff within GMP CTU will support forces across the region and nationally by providing specialist skills and expertise when faced with a terrorist threat. They will also work closely with neighbourhood policing teams across Greater Manchester.

Many of the original functions of Special Branch, are still part of the GMPCTU framework. Additional expertise has been added to broaden the depth of skill and knowledge and improve the fight against terrorism. These include an Overt Investigations Section and Intelligence Development Section to name but a few. It is likely that your skill set will match some of the posts that come available. Please continually refer to this website to see what vacancies are available.

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