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Greater Manchester Police started their Police Support Volunteers Programme in 2007. We now have around 120 volunteers working throughout the organisation who help GMP in a variety of different ways.

GMP is encouraging applications from people aged 18 years and over and from all backgrounds to volunteer some of their time for the Force.

If you become a GMP volunteer, you can help to improve the quality of service we give to our communities.

We have volunteers involved in a number of areas of the service we provide to the public of Greater Manchester and we would like you to join them.

You will be provided with training, advice, guidance and support to help you carry out your activities and develop your skills.

You can also find out more about volunteering by reading the Volunteering Matters newsletter attached below.

GMP is currently working through a large backlog of volunteer applications, therefore we suggest you also visit the Volunteering in Greater Manchester website for more opportunities external to GMP.

Special Constabulary

Alongside Police Support Volunteers, GMP also offers you the opportunity to become a Special Constable. Specials work alongside regular officers and Police Community Support Officers in local neighbourhood policing teams and are expected to commit an average of four hours service per week.

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