Prior to being admitted to the hearing, you must proceed to the reception desk at the force headquarters, or as otherwise directed in the published notice.

Once there you will be required to produce confirmation of your identity to show you are the person who has registered to attend. As a condition of entry, persons attending, together with any bags they may have, may be subject to a search prior to entering or re-entering the hearing room.

Sharp objects or blades will not be permitted. Police will retain the authority to seize any article found during a search which may cause harm to any person.

Upon completion of this process, you will be provided with a visitor’s badge which must be worn until you leave the hearing, and must be returned to the reception desk when leaving the hearing.

Any person attending the hearing is allowed entry as an observer only, except whilst they are giving their evidence.

Members of the public and press are requested to remain silent at all times whilst the hearing is in session. No-one attending the public hearing shall either intervene in, or interrupt the running of the hearing.

If anyone behaves in a disorderly or abusive manner or otherwise acts inappropriately in the view of the Chair, a member of GMP staff or security may exclude them from the remainder of the hearing and escort them from the building.

Mobile phones and other devices can be retained but must be switched off during the hearing as they can interfere with the recording equipment for the hearing.

Only accredited members of the press will be allowed to use text based communications for the purposes of simultaneous reporting of the hearing if the person chairing or conducting the hearing is satisfied that it does not interfere with the orderly conduct of hearing. 

Laptops & tablets may only be used by accredited members of the press association.

Cameras must not be brought inside the building. Camera functions on other devices must not be operated inside the building. The taking of pictures, video or audio recording is forbidden within the hearing rooms, or within the force headquarters building. It is requested that photographs are not taken of any person entering or leaving the building. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in you being directed to leave and escorted off the premises.

Smoking is not allowed inside the force headquarters.

The regulations governing misconduct hearings state that the hearing chair may also impose further conditions of entry in addition to those set out in this document.

If this arises the further conditions will be published on the website prior to the hearing. This can include reporting restrictions on the press and public that must be adhered to in order to be granted access to the hearing.

Should anyone breach these conditions of entry, or any of the conditions set by the hearing chair they will be asked to leave and will be escorted from the premises. The person may also be excluded from any future hearings.