Our success will be measured principally by whether the public feels like
there has been improvement and that they are more confident in our ability
to achieve our purpose.
In this section we articulate those things we expect our communities to see,
feel and experience in consequence of our successfully delivering upon our
Plan on a Page.
These promises do not define the totality of our endeavours and are not an
exhaustive list; rather they are the things we know our communities care
most about and can use to easily evaluate our progress. We will develop
simple indicators that everyone can use to track and measure how well we
deliver these promises.


GMP will continually strive to fight, prevent and reduce crime and harm and keep people safe so that Greater Manchester can be a safer and welcoming place in which to live, work, learn and visit.

These promises describe what improvements in policing services should look and feel like to you as we continue to implement our plan for a new GMP.


• 999 and 101 call waiting times will be shorter.

• You will be able to report a crime or incident online so you don’t have to phone 101.

• You will be able to report problems in your area online directly to your neighbourhood policing team.

• If you are a victim of crime we will deliver the Victims’ Code. You will be given the contact details of the police officer who is looking after your case. They will keep you informed of any progress and you will not have to call 101 for updates.

• If you have an emergency we will get to you more quickly.



• You will see monthly high profile operations that target the problems we know you care about.

• Every area will have a neighbourhood policing team including named officers
responsible for local policing.

• You will be able to contact your neighbourhood policing team directly.

• A proportion of our neighbourhood policing team resources will be ring-fenced and they will only undertake duties that are focused on addressing local concerns.

• We will focus extra help for people who are particularly vulnerable to the risk of harm, for example, people targeted by hate crime; people who are repeatedly targeted; or people who have reduced


• We will investigate all crimes and follow-up every reasonable line of enquiry.

• Every burglary will be attended by a police officer and followed up with an investigation.

• More criminals will be arrested.

• You will see us relentlessly pursue the disruption of serious and organised crime.

• We will seize more assets from criminals. If you are acting criminally you can expect us to seize your house, your car and your cash when we catch you.


• We have invested in strengthening our leadership: every district will be led by a Chief Superintendent. You will know their names and be able to contact them.

• You will feel like we care about you. More victims of crime will be satisfied with how we look after them.

• Officers and staff do their jobs to the highest professional standards: we will have fewer complaints about poor service.

• You will see your neighbourhood policing team working with your council, the NHS and other organisations to solve problems that affect crime and anti-social behaviour in your area.

• Officers and staff will be well equipped to do their jobs well.


• You will have been invited to join in a public consultation to give us your views on what you want from our neighbourhood policing function.

• You will be able to speak to us regularly to tell us what issues you want us to address in your neighbourhood. What we do in your neighbourhood will be informed by what you tell us.

• We will proactively communicate with you to tell you what we are doing.

• We will deliver proportionate and fair policing where our tactics and use of force is not greater than the risk we are trying to address. We will publish data on how we are performing.

• Local forums and other panels will be strengthened to widen public scrutiny
and we will take part in a bi-annual GMP accountability session with elected
representatives and the monthly Mayor’s Question Time.