GMP is sending would-be trick or treaters advice on how to stay safe this Halloween.

Although the day is an opportunity for children to get dressed up and can be a lot of fun, it can also be distressing and intimidating for older and more vulnerable residents.

Advice has been published on the safe4autumn website and includes the following tips:




Trick or treat alone – go in a small group or with friends and family, after all it’s more fun if you’re in a group.

Go into anyone’s home – stay at the doorstep where your accompanying adult can see you.

Play pranks or damage property – damaging property is a criminal offence and can lead to your arrest and even a criminal record.

Demand money or intimidate anyone – while Halloween is something you’ve been looking forward to, it’s not for everyone, so be polite and show respect.

Throw eggs and flour – this could lead to your arrest.




Look out for Treacle posters – these will tell you if you’re welcome or not.

Be careful when crossing roads – during the dark nights you’re more at risk of an accident.

Go with an adult – responsible adults can help you if there’s a problem.

Wear clothes you can be seen in – wearing bright, reflective clothing or carrying a lamp or torch will mean that you are seen by drivers and others.

Respect your neighbours – don’t go trick or treating when it’s late, only knock or ring once, be prepared to take 'no' for an answer and remember to be polite.

Also available on the website are posters that residents can display in their windows to inform trick or treaters if they are welcome or not.