Coronavirus outbreak

The unit is doing everything possible to minimise disruption during these unprecedented times. Our current priorities are maintaining public safety and the peace and the processing of renewal applications to ensure lawful possession.

Renewal applications

Renewal reminder letters are being sent five months prior to expiry. We recommend you submit your GP form to your GP practice as soon as possible to provide them with sufficient time to process.  We still require a GP form in order to accept your application.

It would greatly assist if you apply using the online application system rather than by post. (‘Apply and register’ > ‘Firearms, shotgun or explosives certificates’)

*** Both the ‘occupancy form’ and a completed ‘GP form’ must be included to avoid your application being returned and refunded ***

GP form* delays

 We are aware that some of you may be experiencing delays in obtaining your GP form from your GP.  Please continue to obtain your completed form prior to submitting your renewal application, regardless of your expiry date.

GP form* refusals 

If your GP refuses to process your request, you may wish to seek assistance from a private GP. There are GPs who offer this service - details for which may be found online. If you are a member of a shooting organisation such as BASC, they may also be able to assist.

If you are still unable to obtain a GP report within 8 weeks of your expiry date, please contact the unit explaining your position using the online contact form.


We are still accepting and processing variations. However, this is being continually reviewed and may cease in the near future.

Grant Applications

As per government guidance in relation to essential travel and social distancing, we are unable to conduct routine visits to applicants. As such, we are unable to fully assess applicants and have suspended the processing of grant applications. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will update you when processing resumes.

Contacting us 

Please avoid contacting the unit unless absolutely necessary.  As above, there is no requirement to contact us regarding GP forms until you are within 8 weeks prior to the expiry date of your certificate. Please use the online contact form in such instances.


All forms are available online at Please note that we are unable to send out forms via post.

* The GP verification process is an essential part of the risk assessment of certificate holders. The current COVID-19 situation and its effect on the services that GP practices are able to provide are being closely monitored. In turn the FELU’s processes are being regularly reviewed so as not to cause unnecessary demand on the NHS nor disadvantage certificate holders. We thank you all for your understanding during this difficult time.

Please regularly check this webpage for updates during your renewal application process.


Thank you,

Firearms & Explosives Licensing Manager