The Emergency Information Card (E Card) is a credit card sized card designed for members of the public to provide clear details quickly to emergency services, such as next of kin or contact person, medical information or if certain support measures are required e.g. a communication aid, British Sign Language.

All the information should be written in CAPITALS so that it will be easier to read and can be written by the individual person, a family member, support worker or personal assistant.

The E Card has important information on it such as:

  • Name
  • Passport size photo - this is optional
  • Details of the next of kin/contact person
  • Medical information (e.g. I have a learning disability, I have an acquired brain injury or I have diabetes)
  • Useful information (e.g. a communication aid or certain medication)

The E Card MUST be carried somewhere it will be INSTANTLY SEEN such as the front of a wallet/purse.

Request a E Card

For more information or to obtain a card, please call 0161 856 2421 or email [email protected]