About the scheme

The GMP Volunteer Police Cadet Scheme for young people is aimed at anyone aged between 13 and 17 years of age.

Cadets units are based in areas where there's little to occupy local youngsters.

The programme takes place during weeknights and offers a mix of activity, information and fun.

The aims of the scheme include:

  • Promoting and encouraging a practical interest in policing among young people.
  • Providing training, including volunteering opportunities, which will encourage positive leadership within communities.
  • Encouraging a spirit of adventure and developing qualities of leadership and good citizenship; cadets have the opportunity to get a Duke of Edinburgh Award, first aid qualification and more.

The programme

New cadets complete a probationary period that includes:

  • drill
  • physical exercise classes
  • advice on a variety subjects - for example, the effective and safe use of social media

Cadets can also go on to learn lessons on:

  • the law
  • public order awareness
  • phonetics
  • radio use
  • problem solving
  • more drill!

Cadets will get a uniform after completing the probationary period.

Team leaders

The scheme's team leaders are also volunteers, all contributing their own time to run each cadet night. They include:

  • schools-based officers
  • PCSOs
  • special constables
  • university students

How to join as a cadet or team leader

To ask about becoming a cadet, please email us.

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer team leader and can demonstrate a commitment and desire to change hearts and minds, please email us.