Selection process

We have designed a selection process that is simple and fair to all candidates. We are really looking for outstanding individuals who have the skills attributes, values and motivation to do this highly rewarding role within GMP.

Should you wish to make an application you can expect to go through the following stages:

  • Stage 1 – Completion of on line form (including completion of minimum eligibility questions, and CV upload)
  • Stage 2 – Telephone Interview
  • Stage 3 – Final Assessment Day

Eligibility questions

We want to make sure that any candidate who invests the time in making an application meets the minimum requirement; therefore to make sure that we do this, you will be asked some eligibility questions.

During a later stage of the recruitment process, prior to joining GMP successful applicants will undergo vetting checks - to see in detail what we will look for, please refer to our Eligibility & Vetting information.

Before making your submission please also consider the details for this role, for example; the Recruitment Profile, detailing the specific skills and experience required.

Also, having read the vacancy advertisement, please consider, can you commit to the shift patterns we operate? Can you commit to the training programme for this role? We want to reassure you that any question asked at this stage is essential for the role, therefore if you do not meet the minimum requirement unfortunately we will not be able to progress your application further.

Other sections of the online form

You will be asked to provide some applicant information and also details of the types of vacancies you are interested in. You are also asked to submit your most recent CV. It's essential that all the information you provide as part of your application is accurate.

With regards to your CV we are really looking to understand your past experience, skills and abilities both in employment, education and the community, and a listed history for at least the past four years. We would therefore advise that you read the recruitment specification provided (which you will find attached to the vacancy) to make sure that you understand the role requirements and how your experience matches this.

Telephone interview

Candidates passing the initial application stage will be invited to participate in a telephone interview, further details will be provided at the time of invitation. As with everything we have said we strongly advise that you prepare for this interview by thinking about how your own experience matches the job description.

Final assessment process

If you're successful through at the telephone interview stage, you'll be invited to attend a final assessment process. The final assessment processes can either be held on site at the job location, or off site at one of our training facilities such as Sedgley Park in Prestwich.

What will be assessed?

Our aim during the assessment process is to measure each candidate's skills and abilities against set criteria that we have identified for each role that we're recruiting.

The key competencies we'll be looking at will be different for each role, so it's important that you've read through and understood the information in the advert and job profiles. These competencies might include:

  • Effective Communication (written and verbal)
  • Team working
  • Demonstrating Respect & Compassion
  • Problem Solving
  • Service Delivery

What happens on the day?

During the final assessment you may be asked to complete a variety of tasks and/or exercises that are relevant to the role. These will be different for each role, but may include skills tests, written exercises and if the role requires it, a presentation or group exercise of some sort. The various tests and exercises we use will take different formats and may require you to either use a PC or to provide written documentation.

The final assessment process is also likely to include a competency based interview, where two interviewers will ask you questions relating to the essential and desirable criteria which again, will have been outlined in the advert and job description.

During the interview, they'll be looking for you to give specific examples of how you have behaved previously in various relevant situations. The interview will last approximately 45 minutes.

The assessment process is designed to provide us with a better understanding of your abilities and potential to be successful in the role. It is designed to be challenging but should provide you with a realistic view of the kind of tasks you might be expected to undertake should you be successful.

Your invitation to the assessment event will give you all the information you need in terms of location and timings.

What can I do to prepare?

Here are a few points on what you can do to prepare for the assessment.

Read through the advertisement, job description and any information provided about the role on the website. This should give you a good understanding of the skills you will be asked to demonstrate during the process.

You may also want to think about some examples of how you have behaved in different situations – especially in relation to the key skill areas.

On the day, remember to be yourself! And remember that the assessors can only give credit for what you say and do.

Make sure you read any instructions carefully and if you're not sure of anything, ask the facilitator before the exercise begins.

What happens after the assessment centre?

We are likely to be running assessment centres over a number of days or weeks, so we may not be able to get back to you immediately with the result.

We will however, endeavour to contact you within 5 working days of the assessment to let you know whether you have been successful or not and to make you a provisional offer of employment, which will be subject to further checks being carried out.

Background enquiries

If you have been successful at the assessment, we will commence the vetting process (including Bio Metric Vetting for the PCSO role) and conduct reference checks.

Depending on the role, we will check either the last two or four years of employment and full time education history and request information on the last two years of any absences you have had relating to sickness.

Medical assessment

Successful candidates will be asked to complete a medical form and depending on the role may be invited to attend a medical or provide a DNA sample. For PCSO for example, we need to check that you are fit to carry out the duties.

File complete

Once all stages of the recruitment process have been completed, a review of your file will be undertaken and if appointable you will be formally offered the position.

Offer and contract issued

You will be contacted by a Recruitment Consultant who will formally offer you the post. You will be verbally advised of the Terms and Conditions of employment, including starting salary and place of work. You will also be advised of the proposed start date and training course details.

A formal written contract of employment will be sent to you as confirmation of the offer.